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Fake Punk Band Couldn’t Wait for Steve Jobs to Die

Corporate faux-punk/mall-core/pop-punk band Green Day shows shares their manufactured anti-corporate views by talking shit on a dude smarter than them and the entire crowd they’re preforming in front of combined. So punk.

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Oh, hey! Here’s a new Childish Gambino Song!

Mr. Glover threw this down at the Bowery Poetry Club two weeks ago, so it’s not new by Internet standards, but it’s new enough.

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I did this video interview with Eclectic Method for our sister site and I think it turned out pretty well. Check it.


A Little Bit On: Eclectic Method [Video Interview]

Eclectic Method is the audiovisual mash-up group responsible for such awesomeness as The Dark Side dubstep remix, The Tarantino Mixtape, Daft Tron, 8Bit Mixtape, and heaps of other insane remixes that will make your eyeballs and ear-holes feel all kinds of sexy.

I had the chance to sit down with Jonny Wilson, one of the group’s three members, at this year’s Virgin Mobile FreeFest where he talks shit on Yoda from the Star Wars series, praises Community star Donald Glover (aka indie hip-hop sensation Childish Gambino), and schools us on his audiovisual mash-up roots. Enjoy!


The Bronx singer crowd surfs for entire song.

Matt Caughthran rides the human wave for the Bronx’s entire performance of “History’s Stranglers” during Soundwave Brisbane 2011.

"These beads of sweat feel like a flood. You motherfucker… I want your blood."

This band seriously deserves way more recognition.